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What are Yin and Yang Energy?

In the view of “yin and yang energy work,” everything in this world are made of energy. The healthy condition means the conditions that are balanced.
Currently, the earth is overly minused, or unbalanced due to the products with electromagnetic waves and minus energy. This condition affects us humans negatively such as lack of motivation, losing purpose of living, sickness, and stagnant economic and career activities. In order for everything to work healthily, normalizing the energy balance will improve fundamentally.

Note 1: We define that characteristics of yang (plus,or positive)energyis active, warm and light in mass. Characteristics of yin(minus, or negative) energy is calm, cold, and heavy in mass.

Note 2: When it is balanced, the condition contains a little more yang energy than yin energy, instead of  yang and yin  energy being at the same amount.


What is Tamara Energy?

Tamara Energy is one of the yang energy among all of yang energy with varieties of values. Tamara Energy has the strongest and the finest vibrations out of all the yang energy exist. It also stimulates activation of matters. Since Tamara Energy fused into our body, we continue taking in, and using this energy in many ways the rest of our lives. Tamara Energy also affect all living things on earth via the body with Tamara Energy.

tamara energy
basic treatment

Basic Treatment


Entire body cleansing and activating brain cells

followed by plus, or yang, positive energy activation:

Step 1: Cleansing entire body 

This step eliminates minus energy accumulated like shackles in your body since you were born. Then the condition will be balanced, which is zero state.
Energy used: minus (yin, negative)

Step 2: Activating brain cells

Plus energy, which stimulates activation, energizes brain cells up to original operating state. Energy used: plus (yang, positive)

Step 3: Tamara Energy Activation

The energy work for life long usage of Tamara Energy as own energy. This is similar process of attunement in Reiki. 

Maintenance (Customized, upgraded)

This is the basic program for self improvement in order to reach your successful future in the quickest way. This adjusts, strengthens, and optimizes energy balance.

Step 1: Cleansing entire body /Energy used: Yin(minus , negative)

In order for you to move forward more effectively, this step eliminates minus energy attached outside of body and snuck inside of body.



Step 2: Activating brain cells/Energy used: Yang(plus , positive)

Plus energy, which stimulates activation, energizes brain cells for original operating state.



About Us

 MK Corporation

To protect the earth, people, and civilization


Each one of us obtains success and happiness that is determined by ourselves. In order to achieve it, each one of us regains power of living and healthy senses and thoughts. Each one of us continues putting efforts and growing by learning from each other.

・Plan and organize workshops and treatment opportunities using yin and yang energy 

・Import, develop, and market eco-friendly products and the products harmless to human 

・  Support and cooperate with organizations and individuals who share the same concept 

our mission


2000  Tamara Energy starts in Japan 

2006-2009  Tamara Healing Association is established.

Tamara Energy is based in Japan and is introduced to foreign countries as healing energy for mental and physical conditioning. Mostly housewives start to use Tamara Energy, but it is introduced to support athletes at the same time.


2009-  NPO Tamara Association is established.

Tamara Energy is introduced widely, beyond healing energy, as supporting energy that assists better quality of life. Physicians and doctors start to notice the effectiveness of conditioning and healing by this energy, and conduct research and discussions. Tamara Energy is introduced in the US, Canada, Switzerland, England, Nepal, and Croatia.


2012-2017  Access Heart Project LLC is established.

Conducts workshops for development of skills, such as intuition, thinking ability, and creativity.


2013-   MK Corporation Co., Ltd. is established.

Plans and manages various workshops such as meditation and treatments using plus and minus energy. Especially people who succeed in the business, sports, show business fields such as musicians and actors, deeply understand the effectiveness of Tamara Energy.



Number of participants from March 28, 2015 to March, 2019

Miracle Conversation: 712 Maintenance/ Upgrading: 1032 in total Meditation/ Brain Training: 725 in total


【Examples of Tamara Energy usage  】

- daily self care, health care for families

- combine with physical therapy (chiropractic, acupuncture, yoga)

- physical conditioning such as quicker recovery,  for athletes and musicians

【Successful data 】

“Athlete support: Tamara Energy conditioning”

※Data providing:

NPO Tamara Assosiation

Sports Aromatherapy School&Salon” Makahou”(Japan)


National Sports Festival of Japan Weightlifting Championship 

- participating every year since the 64th festival in 2009


All Japan Adult Weightlifting Championship 

- participating every year since the 46th game in 2009


The 20th Peace Cup International Wheelchair Tennis Tournament in 2009


East Kagawa Wheelchair Tennis Tournament in 2009


The 72nd National Sports Festival of Japan Rowing Championship 




We began our support for the weightlifting players at the National Sports Festival of Japan in 2009.

The players who received Tamara Energy conditioning treatment demonstrated better performance like breaking records. Therefore not only players but coaches and staff receive the treatment, and they truly understand the effectiveness of Tamara Energy.   


A few examples from the National Sports Festival of Japan Rowing Championship in 2017;

forty percent of 82 players who received the treatment placed in higher ranks

the player who received the treatment every day during the games won the first place in youth male category

The player who injured during the race and diagnosed with an avulsion fracture was able to walk, and placed in third after the treatment.  




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