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the eventual ending of meditation ,mindfulness,​shavasana


Meditation space with yin and yang Energy.​

Anyone can experience “nothing”. You can get rid of fatigue, your body loosens, and feel relaxed.



 Our lifestyle and stress


In our present life, we are stressed from various things, such as sounds, electromagnetic waves, lights, troubles, and so on. So it’s very difficult to calm down and relax deeply.

Also we are controlled by huge amount of information we receive unconsciously through ears and eyes.

This makes hard for us to find the answers within.


All the stress influence not only how our body and mind are tired but how we live.

“Blank Space Meditation” uses yin and yang energy, and creates the moment of “nothing”,

where tiredness and stress are eliminated.

In this healthy space, your whole body, brain, and mind will be rested effectively, where you are released from electromagnetic and various idle thoughts.

As a result, you can expect recovery from fatigue, stress reduction, and efficiency of work.

In “Blank Space” anyone can experience the “feeling of the universe, connection with own soul”.



The first session is the guided meditation focused on realistic​ success and happiness.

The theme of meditation is “Commitment to results: ​Plan for 2019”.


You will receive the answers within by facing yourself released from idle thoughts and noise.

The session will guide you to verbalize and take actions from what you receive instinctively.


Three reasons this planning in special space is distinguished from others.

1. Quick recovery from fatigue

Prior to deep meditation, your current fatigue and stress accumulated unconsciously will be completely eliminated.

Your brain and eyes are extremely tensed from overuse of smartphones and computers. Also we are unconsciously accumulating tiredness and stress specific from our present society. In Blank Space, these will be quickly eliminated and you will be adjusted back to your original balance.

Within only about 10 minutes, it eliminates idle thoughts and noise, then you gain serenity and calmness.


​※You are able to experience the same energy from“Zero Balance Meditation”


​2. You are able to perceive “attainable future” free from imagination or assumptions.


We are continually exposed to information from outside. This causes information overload.

Some effects of lack of facing yourself due to information overload are; losing true desire, overthinking, worrying too much, and taking too long for decision makings.

You will be in the negative loop such as “losing oneself”, “not able to take action”, and “wasting energy of time, strength, money.”


To avoid wasting time of your life, it is important to realize the answers within you in Blank Space Meditation by eliminating “unnecessary information, idle thoughts and noises, which are burden to your mind and body.


All you perceive in Blank Space is ​100% attainable answers and desire within you, even though they are not your common sense or hard to believe.


3.You will know what you need to do to achieve your goal in time series.


 Once you are clear about what is success to you, what you really want to be, what you want, in order to obtain your own success of your life, the next step is to plan.


You will perceive what you need to do to achieve in 2021 as of today, in a month, in three months, in half a year, and in a year. All you need to do after that is to take action, if you take action, you will achieve your goals.


In a limited time, the possibility seems endless but your life has the end.

We truly wish many will take advantage of this opportunity of this most effective guided meditation, Blank Space Mediation, in order to quickly obtain success of own life.



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